Making your own milk alternative is just too easy. With barely any effort, you can give yourself creamy, protein and mineral-rich, refreshing nourishment without contributing to worldwide issues caused by cattle farming. I'll digress with this: Make your own nut milk, savor ice cream-like goodness for your body and our planet!

The Ingredients:

  • 1 cup raw almonds or nut of choice
  • 3 cups clean water
  • sweetener and flavorings of choice (I used agave, cinnamon, vanilla, and salt)

The Process:

  • Soak the nuts in water for 8-12 hours, most conveniently done before going to bed. The nuts will absorb the water, so fill the jar generously.
  • Empty the water and pour soaked almonds into your blender. Add your 3 cups of fresh, filtered water. (1:3 ratio of nuts to water)
  • Blend away!
  • *Place your nut milk bag around the jar opening, and pour your mixture into the bag
  • Slowly squeeze the bag, releasing the liquid while containing the solid (feel free to dry and blend the solid remnants for fresh almond flour!)
  • Add in all flavorings to desired taste and shake it up!
  • Best when serve chilled

*I've tried this process with cheesecloth as well as a nut milk bag, and the bag was massively less messy and time-consuming. They can be purchased for $3-$6, and are reusable.